Born in Los Angeles, where the food is as diverse as the populace, Chef Jeff Osaka grew up with a fascination for the restaurant industry. In his sixteen year career, he has worked with some of the best chefs in the nation and has gained praise by critics and peers alike.

Early in Jeff's career, he worked for Chef Bradley Ogden at One Market in San Francisco, where he became ingrained with Ogden's "market to table" concept, combining simple techniques with fresh-from-the-farm ingredients. He then moved on to Fringale, another Bay area favorite, putting his classic cooking skills to use.

After several years, Jeff moved on to Las Vegas to work under Chef Wolfgang Puck at the Asian-inspired restaurant, Chinois. He then ventured to the small town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming to head the kitchens at Restaurant Terroir and Koshu.

Longing for home, Jeff relocated back to Los Angeles and opened his own place, Chloe, which earned local acclaim in the Los Angeles Times, and made the Top 10 list in Los Angeles Magazine. He also worked as a Private Chef for several Hollywood families, and for various well-know eateries including Melisse, which recently earned 2 Michelin stars, and is the #1 Zagat-rated restaurant in Los Angeles.

With the encouragement of Colorado-based friends, support from his Denver native girlfriend (now wife), and an opportunity found on Craigslist, Jeff made the decision to open twelverestaurant. in Denver. With a monthly changing menu, Chef Osaka strives to provide a culinary experience that is unique to the Mile High City.